Read Psalm 27 and consider these reflections.

We live in a time of crisis effecting our physical and mental health and financial loss. This is the “day of trouble!” As the coronavirus continues its march through New York, California, Louisanna and other great states, Christians need to focus each day on God’s power and God’s provisions, clearly expressed in Psalm 27.

The psalm opens our spiritual eyes to the light of salvation and reminds us that the Lord is our “stronghold.” Under the normal circumstances the victory goes to those who have mustered the biggest army, who “have the most toys,” and who intimidate godly people with threats that terrorize us. The psalmist assures us that there is no place for “fear” where the Lord’s mighty power shines upon us. Even if an army were to surround us we need to keep focused on our confident assurance that God is in charge of our lives and that we do not stand alone (verses 1-3).

Keeping the Lord first in our hearts will cause us to seek God, to make our relationship with Him the number one priority of life. In prayer we ask Him to enable us to grow spiritually here on earth and ultimately to enjoy the “house of the Lord” in heaven. Life’s most important goal is to “dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.” Diseases and disasters have not disappeared, but we continue to trust the Lord to “lift us high upon a rock” and to “conceal us under the cover of His tent” (verse 5). This very day it is most appropriate to “sing and make melody to the Lord.” (verses 4- 6).

The blessed “tie that binds” us to the Almighty God will not be broken, even though we are sinners and people who mean much to us in this life (like parents and children) disappoint us, hurt us and let us down. The “tie” that binds us to other believers and to God Himself is very strong (verse 7-10). In some nations religious persecution is a daily experience, and the Lord will “take us in” when others disown us, discourage us or to try to destroy our faith.

Churches of Christ often have a place on their websites to explain “What We Believe”. These are things that matter; these are things that make us unique in the community; these are things we want to share with unbelievers as well as those of strongest faith. Here, the psalmist give us his “Statement of Faith” so to speak, when he announces: “I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Whatever may come our way today, whatever the disappointments we may go through, let all who “wait for the Lord” be strong and take courage• He praised God for all the good things He already “stored up” for him personally — both physically and spiritually (verse 19). David knew the Lord, and only the Lord, would bring him through national crisis and his own rough days.

(Scripture quotations from the English Standard Version.)

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Minister of Evangelism, Church of Christ, New Milford, Connecticut Editor: Christ for Today Director, The White Rock Fund, Dallas, Texas
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2 Responses to PSALM 27

  1. Terry Preston says:

    Thank you for your blogs. They encourage us to keep focused on the One who can deliver us, our Heavenly Father. I appreciate you!

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  2. Kathy says:

    Very good article. Thanks David.

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